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Howaldt’s Metal Foundry Industrial Museum
Grenzstr. 1
24149  Kiel


Opening Hours

Saturday 2 pm - 6 pm.

The old metal foundry of Georg Howaldt’s „Kiel shipyard“ (today: HDW) in Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf was erected at the mouth of the Schwentine river in 1884. It is the oldest surviving evidence of the development of the shipyard industry on the Eastern shore of the Kieler Förde (Kiel Firth) during the so-called „Gründerzeit“, the early years of the German Empire founded in 1871. At the same time the foundry is the oldest authentic industrial building in the area of Kiel.

In the metal foundry items like porthole frames, switchboards, mountings, levers, fittings as well as parts of the technology and equipment that were made of brass, copper and bronze were produced.
The design for this piece of high quality industrial architecture was made by the well-known architect Heinrich Moldenschardt (1839-1891) who was a pupil of Gottfried Semper.

The metal foundry was shut down in 1980. On January 1, 2005 the association „Industriemuseum Howaldtsche Metallgießerei e.V.“ (Industry Museum Howaldt’s Metal Foundry, registered association) got the right of its use. Funds of the „Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz“ (German Foundation for Monument Conservation) and the URBAN II support program of the European Community as well as donations of citizens of Kiel and members of the museum association made it possible to restore the foundry. On May 20, 2007, the 30th International Museum Day, it was opened as a museum.