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Museum am Danewerk
Museum at the Danewerk
Ochsenweg 5
24867 Dannewerk

Opening Hours:
Feb. 18th-March 25th and Oct. 26th-Nov. 30th Tue-Sun 10 am - 4 pm, March 26th - Oct. 25th Tue-Fri 9 am - 5 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am - 6 pm, closed from Dec. 1st - Feb. 14th

In its collection the museum presents the eventful history of the Danewerk ramparts from the Iron Age through the Viking period and the Middle Ages up to the present. The ramparts were built between 650 and 1200 AC on the isthmus between the Treene and the Schlei. They have undergone multiple enlargements to their overall length of 30 km. As late as in the wars of 1848 - 50 and 1864 they were used militarily and provided with entrenchments. The exhibition is continually updated and extended. The museum staff and the labelling are bilingual in German and Danish.
The Danewerk is the biggest ground monument of Northern Europe. The preserved segments are partly in the close vicinity to the museum. It is possible to walk on most of them.
The museum presents changing special exhibitions on archaeological, historic and cultural historic topics especially from June to September.

thematic focus: Archaeological monument,  National history
Adults 2,- €, children 1,- €
Groups with 15 or more persons 1,- € per person
Free admission for school classes
Free admission with Schleswig Card

Film presentations on the Danewerk for single persons and groups (in German and Danish)
Guided tours in the museum or on the ramparts in German, Danish and English, by appointment, duration approx. 30-45 minutes, maximum of 30 persons per tour.
Film presentations on the Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein for groups (in German and Danish)
Lectures on the Danish minority in German, Danish and English can be arranged by appointment, duration approx. 30-60 minutes, maximum of 50 persons per lecture.
On special occasions lectures and guided tours on excavations are offered.

On sale in the museum: publications (see above), handcrafted jewellery and replica, postcards, stickers, bags etc.
Kiosk in the museum: ice, non-alcoholic drinks, sweets
By appointment: tea table in connection with a film presentation and a lecture.
Picnic facilities in the open air and in the “Thyrasaal” (Thyra Hall) on the upper floor of the museum.
Catering in the close vicinity:
Gasthof Rothenkrug (Tel.: +49 (0) 46 21 - 3 42 60),
Cafe Truberg (Tel.: +49 (0) 46 21 - 3 27 55)
Information: museums leaflet and leaflet “Museums in Schleswig”
Publications on the following topics: Danewerk, German-Danish history, cultural history, Viking age, Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein, own series (German/Danish)
Responsible body of the museum is the Sydslesvigsk Forening (SSF, Norderstraße 76, 24939 Flensburg, Tel.: +49 (0)4 61 - 14 40 80), since 1920 the cultural main association of the Danish minority in Südschleswig (south Schleswig) with presently over 16.000 members.
Motorway A 7 from the north: exit Schleswig/Schuby, carry on in the direction of Husum, in Schuby go on to Dannewerk

Motorway A 7 from the south: exit Schleswig/Jagel, direction Dannewerk, second turn to the right in the direction of Dannewerk

From Schleswig / from Schloß Gottorf: direction Friedrichsberg, behind the “Oberlandesgericht” (provincial high court and court of appeal) to the right in the direction of Hüsby, there at the crossing left direction Dannewerk

From Haithabu: direction Schleswig-Süd (Schleswig-South) (Friedrichsberg), follow the signs in the direction of Dannewerk, in Dannewerk to the right (green sign-posting)

From the railway station Schleswig: approx. 4 km footway, buses drive irregularly