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Village Museum, Grube
Hauptstraße 18
23749  Grube/Holstein

E-Mail: post@dorfmuseum-grube.de

Opening Hours

May-Sept. Wed+Fri 4-6 pm

The residential building, which houses the Dorfmuseum, is characteristic for Grube. It was built in 1890. Since 1993 it is the location for the folkloristic and archaeological collection, which was gathered by interested inhabitants of Grube and its surroundings.
Exhibited are, for instance, a completely furnished bedroom from around 1900 and a classroom of the 1930ies. Fishing, the cutting and use of reed as well as the draining of the lake in Grube in 1938 are documented by other items. Archaeological finds are also presented. A diorama on a scale of 1:10 shows the everyday life and the crafts of the Stone Age. Other fields or institutions that influenced the village of Grube are also dealt with: associations, rural trade, farming and the church.
A further attraction of the museum is a camera delivering still shots of the stork's nest in Grube to the visitors.