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Tierpark Neumünster
Geerdtsstraße 100
24537  Neumünster

Fax: 04321/53162
E-Mail: tierpark-neumuenster@t-online.de

Opening Hours

Throughout the year from 9 am

The „TierPark Neumünster“ (Neumünster Zoo) is one of the most beautiful destinations for an outing for anyone who loves nature and animals. It is a zoological garden with about 700 European animals. 165 different European mammal, bird and reptile species are presented in the municipal park on a natural 24-hectare wood and heath site. Interesting attractions like the open-air enclosure for the only European monkey species are awaiting the visitors. This enclosure, which is unique in Schleswig-Holstein, has paths for the visitors. The daily show feedings of wolves, otters, beavers, polar bears (the only ones in Schleswig-Holstein) and seals are very popular. At the enclosure of the latter visitors also have an underwater view. Domestic animals live around an historical farm. The petting zoo is another place to encounter nature closely. Numerous offers for leisure time are supplemented by exhibitions, e.g. in the “Haus am Affenpark” (house at the monkeys’ enclosure) and in the rooms of the “Landesjagdverband” (regional hunting association). There is a zoo school to provide vivid lessons in the zoo and to offer guided tours to all interested groups of visitors. If you are hungry, you should try our combined bistro and café.