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Landdrostei Foundation
Dingstätte 23
25421  Pinneberg

Fax: 04101/210318
E-Mail: info@drostei.de

Opening Hours

When exhibitions are shown Wed-Sun 11 am – 5 pm

The 'Landdrostei' (bailiwick) is the most important building monument of the Pinneberg district. The privy councilor and bailiff Hans von Ahlefeldt (1710-1780) had it built in the style of the North German Baroque brick architecture with slight reminiscences of Rococo from 1765 to 1767. The original building plans from that time have been lost. Because of stylistic similarities to other buildings, e.g. of Kiel University, it is assumed that the architect Ernst-Georg Sonnin (1709/13-1794) had a part in building it.The “Drostei” once was the residence and office of the bailiff (until 1864), the Danish administrator of the Pinneberg district. Later it was the residence of the 'Landrat' (head of the district’s administration) (until 1933). Then, for many years it was the land registry. In 1965 the baroque building was put under monumental protection. After several years of restoration, the 'Kreiskulturzentrum Pinneberg' (regional cultural centre) moved into the bailiwick in 1991. The halls and rooms that were restored down to the smallest detail, offer an ideal ambience for the changing art and photo exhibitions of contemporary regional, national or international artists.