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Horse-Engine House Museum of Local History and Culture, Seestermühe
25371  Seestermühe

E-Mail: ziegerSeestermuehe@t-online.de

Opening Hours

May 1 to September 30 Sundays and holidays 2-5 pm
groups also by appointment (please phone Mr. Wolfgang Martin, +49 (0)4125-577)

In 1983 there was the idea to preserve the remains of the old horse-capstan shed, restore it and open a museum for old agricultural implements in it. To this end dedicated citizens founded an association called "Verein zur Erhaltung von Kulturdenkmälern in der Gemeinde Seestermühe" (association for the preservation of cultural monuments within Seestermühe community).

Funds of the community, the Pinneberg district and the state of Schleswig-Holstein as well as private donations made it possible to restore the building completely. All works were accomplished by members of the association themselves.

In 1993 Seestermühe community took charge of the museum and the association disbanded. Since 1994 the museum, which is located within the village directly at the dyke, is open to everybody. It is run voluntarily.
Exhibited are typical handcraft tools as well as household items of the Elbmarsch area from the 19th to the early 20th century, among other things tools of the "Bandreißer" (people who made willow hoops for barrels), reed cutters and Elbe fishermen as well as one of the first electric washing machines.