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Bad Oldesloe Museum of Local History and Culture
Königstraße 30
23843  Bad Oldesloe

Fax: 04531/5322
E-Mail: heimatmuseum@oldesloe1.de

Opening Hours

Fri 2-4 pm, Sat 10 am - 12 pm and by appointment

The local history museum owns an extensive collection on the pre- and early history of the Stormarn region. Among other things items of Paleolithic reindeer hunters and finds from the Mesolithic ‘Oldesloer Stufe’ as well as from the Brennermoor Neolithic settlement are exhibited. Archaeological finds from the Bronze Age to Early Modern Times like for instance Iron Age urns and tools, Slavonic potsherds and findings from the Limes Saxoniae are also presented.
In one section, which deals with the history of the town and with cultural history, products of a local pottery as well as tools and goblets of trade guilds are presented. Coins, documents and records of the history of the town, the saline and the spa supplement the presentation.
The museum shows changing special exhibitions, especially on topics concerning trade.