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Detlefsen Museum in Brockdorff Palace
Am Fleth 43
25348  Glückstadt

Fax: 04124/930525
E-Mail: museum@glueckstadt.de

Opening Hours

Thund, Sat, Sund 14 - 17 pm (Jan. + Feb.)
Tue – Sund 14 - 17 pm(from March)

The 'Detlefsen-Museum' in Glückstadt is located in the 'Brockdorff-Palais' (Brockdorff Palace). This building is significant for the town and cultural history because it originates from the time of the foundation of Glückstadt in the 17th century.
Sönnich F. Detlefsen laid the foundation for the rich stock of the museum collection as early as 1894. The aim is to present a comprehensive picture of the former everyday life and work of the inhabitants of the Elbmarschen. To this end home décor, folklore, trade and commerce, whaling and seafaring, farming, vegetable growing and the old Glückstadt town pharmacy are subjects of the exhibition. Furthermore the museum owns a collection of paintings and drawings, among them are some by Max Kahlke and Karl Leipold. Special exhibitions and events like lectures, readings and concerts supplement and enrich the presentation.