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Kellinghusen Museum
Hauptstraße 18
25548  Kellinghusen

Fax: 04822/376215
E-Mail: info@kellinghusen.de

Opening Hours

March-Dec. Mon-Fri 10 am -12:30 pm, Mon-Sun 2-5 pm (Wednesday closed)
groups by appointment

The Kellinghusen town museum is dedicated to the important ceramics tradition of the town. The emphasis of the collections is put on the Kellinghusen faïence, which was produced in the 18th and 19th century. Six workshops can be traced in Kellinghusen between 1765 and 1860. The Kellinghusen faïence especially became famous with plates that show a floral pattern on a bright yellow rim and a colourful bunch of flowers in the centre. In addition to those characteristic objects of the Kellinghusen faïence series the museum presents selected individual pieces as well.Changing exhibitions on arts and crafts and cultural history are shown on the gallery of the museum.