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Dithmarschen State Museum
Bütjestraße 2-4
25704  Meldorf

Fax: 04832/60006-17
E-Mail: kontakt@museum-dithmarschen.de

Opening Hours

The museum is expected to be closed until January 2023 due to extensive building work and the modernisation of the permanent exhibition.

In three interconnected houses visitors can learn a lot about the history of Dithmarschen from the Middle Ages up to the present. The old museum from 1896 presents models on dyke building and drainage as well as highlights from the times of the “Bauernrepublik” (farmer’s republic) Dithmarschen. In addition, there are exhibits on home décor, organizations and guilds as well as a large collection of children’s toys. The maritime section with its originals and models constitutes an especially important part. In the building of the former Meldorf “Gelehrtenschule” (scholars’ school) the visitors encounter everyday items from the past 100 years. Different shops, an iron foundry, a factory producing carved trim, a hairdresser’s, a doctor’s practice, a liqueur factory, a cinema and a pub give an understanding of the working world as well as of the organization of leisure time in the recent past.Changing exhibitions on topics of regional and cultural history are presented in a special exhibition room of the “Dithmarscher Landesmuseum”.