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Computer Museum
Eichenbergskamp 8
24149  Kiel

E-Mail: service@computermuseum-kiel.de

Opening Hours

Sat+Sun 2 to 6 pm,
For groups by appointment

Kiel University of Applied Sciences has a collection unique in Europe of representative objects which document the beginning and development of the computer era. Among them are treasures like the calculating machines that were designed and built by the German computer pioneer Konrad Zuse. There are, for instance, the electromagnetic relay calculator Z 11, the data processor Z 16 (on the basis of punch cards), the transistorized calculators Z 23 and Z 25 and the first electronic plotter, the graphomat Z 64.The stock of the museum consists of 1.500 exhibits with an estimated value of 50 million marks.
Most of the exhibits are kept in storage. They will be made available for the public in a virtual museum in the Internet. Workshop and travelling exhibitions are in preparation.
On special occasions the supportive association offers guided tours of the "Zuse room", in which the highlights of the Zuse collection are exhibited. In addition, it can be used for events for school classes.