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Roter Haubarg
Sand 5
25889  Witzwort

E-Mail: gattorf@roterhaubarg.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun at the opening hours of the inn, opening at 10 o’ clock

The so-called „Haubarg“ (from „ Heu bergen“ = gather in hay), which is a characteristic farm house type on the Eiderstedt peninsula, houses the farming section of the “Eiderstedter Heimatmuseum” (Eiderstedt local history museum). The house, which is under protection as an historic monument today, is worth visiting because there are only very few examples of this house type still standing today. The Dutch introduced this building type to Eiderstedt in the 17th century.
An exhibition in the former utility section of the “Rote Haubarg” (Red Haubarg) provides information about the architecture of a Haubarg and explains how it was run. Numerous historic tools illustrate the technical and economical change in agriculture which has almost lost its once outstanding significance.