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Engelsgrube 66
23552  Lübeck

Fax: 0451/4799 831
E-Mail: info@haus-hansestadt-danzig.de

Opening Hours

Tue 10 am – 12 pm and Thu 3 - 5 pm or by appointment (except for holidays)
Groups by appointment

The museum is dedicated to the collection, conservation and communication of the historical and cultural heritage of the town of Gdansk and its surroundings. It also cultivates contacts to institutions and citizens of today’s Gdansk. Since 1997 there is a partnership agreement with the “Museum der Geschichte der Stadt Danzig, Abteilung Uphagenhaus” (Dom Uphagena - Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Gdanska, ul. Dluga 12, Gdansk) (Museum on the history of Gdansk, section Uphagenhaus).
The “Museum Haus Hansestadt Danzig” is located in a town house, which is more than 700 years old, in the old part of Lübeck. Its outer walls are under protection as a historic monument. The “Danziger Förderkreis e.V.” (Registered supportive association for Gdansk) purchased and restored the building in 1981/82. The peculiarity is the harmonious interaction between the outward appearance of the building with the presentation inside, which copies a town house of Gdansk.