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City Gallery in the Elbeforum, Brunsbüttel
Von-Humboldt-Platz 5
25541  Brunsbüttel

Fax: 04852/540044
E-Mail: stadtgalerie@stadtgalerie-brunsbuettel.de

Opening Hours

Wed-Sat 3-6 pm, Sun 11 am – 6 pm, preceding theatrical performances and concerts until 8 pm

The town gallery was opened in the ELBEFORUM, a community and conference centre in Brunsbüttel, in November 1992 with an exhibition on Joseph Beuys. The town gallery does not present its yet small collection permanently because as an arts museum it is still to be developed. Instead it continually shows changing exhibitions on Modern Art from the Classical Modern to the Contemporary Avant-Garde. The gallery started the arts project ‘LAND:ART der KunST’ in Dithmarschen in 1996.
Meanwhile the emerging town gallery is well-known regionally and nationally because of its exhibitions on, for instance, Käthe Kollwitz, Ernst Barlach, Wilhelm Freddie, Rainer Fetting, Emil Schumacher, KD Arlt, Andreas Böhm, Raffael Rheinsberg, Ingrid Weidig, HD Schrader and Hansjörg Voth. Each year numerous visitors come to Brunsbüttel to discover Modern Art.A manifold educational programme for the young and the old is offered. There are artist’s workshops and lectures as well as the programmes ‘Stadtgalerie für Kinder’ (town gallery for children) and ‘Reisen zur Kunst’ (journeys to art).