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Holm Museum
Süderholmstraße 2
24837  Schleswig

Fax: 04621/936819 und 04621/936899
E-Mail: stadtmuseum@schleswig.de

Opening Hours

daily 10 am - 6 pm

The Holm museum was opened as a branch of the 'Städtische Museum Schleswig' (Schleswig town museum) in 1992. It presents photos on the history of the fishermen's settlement. In addition, there is a changing exhibition of 40 pictures each time which belong to the series made by the photographer Ulrich Maack from Hamburg.

The 'Städtische Museum Schleswig' provides detailed information on the history of the Holm in an extensive exhibition including objects, plans, models, photos, documents and a historical film in its headquarters in Friedrichstraße 9 - 11.