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Arche Warder
Langwedeler Weg 11
24646  Warder

Fax: 04329/913411
E-Mail: info@arche-warder.de

Opening Hours

Open all year round:
15 March to 31 October:
Sat.-Sun.: 10am-6pm Admission
Mon.-Fri.: 10-17 h admission

1 November to 14 March:
Sat.-Sun.: 10am-5pm Admission.
Mon.-Fri.: 10-16 h Admission

Easter, summer and autumn holidays:
Mon.-Sun.: 10am-6pm Admission

The “Tierpark Warder” (Warder zoo) is an exceptional zoo. There are no lions or elephants but domestic animals that are as rare as the Siberian tiger and therefore not known to many people. 1.400 mostly European domestic and farm productive animals of 160 species can be watched along the 3 km-trail-system through the zoo. Mangalitza pigs, giant donkeys, Belgian “Bartkaninchen” (rare rabbit species that is similar to the lionhead rabbit) and Jacob’s sheep are only a few representatives of the manifold group of old domestic animals that are partly threatened with extinction. You can get to know them here in Warder. A large petting zoo offers children the possibility of immediate contacts with the animals. Visit the indoor zoo when it is raining. Special events, guided tours and births of animals make the visit of the Warder zoo a great experience throughout the year.
Special events like exhibitions, workshops, fairs and festivities on natural history and zoology take place in the zoo throughout the year.