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Theatergeschichtliche Sammlung und Hebbelsammlung
Leibnizstraße 8
24118  Kiel

E-Mail: ameier@litwiss-ndl.uni-kiel.de

The collection on theatre history in its present form is arranged as an archive and not as a museum at the ‘Institut für Neuere Deutsche Literatur und Medien” (Institute for Contemporary German Literature and Media) because of lack of space. The individual objects and collections are available for viewing by interested individuals on demand. Historically, the collection originates from the “Kieler Theatermuseum” (Kiel Theatre Museum), which was opened in 1924. In 1926 the “Theatergeschichtliche Sammlung” was affiliated to the Hebbel collection, which can be considered a supplement to the Hebbel museum in Wesselburen.
The comprehensive picture holdings of the collection comprise theatre engravings (portraits of the 19th century) as well as designs of stage sets and costumes from the Renaissance to the present (Galli da Bibiena, L. O. Burnacini, Israel Silvestre, K. F. Schinkel, Leo Pasetti, Emil Pirchan, Hans Holtorf, Gottfried Pilz).
In addition, the theatre collection owns a great number of manuscripts by authors, artists, theatre directors and composers of the 19th century. Different productions of the theatre in Kiel can be reconstructed by photographs. Furthermore, the collection has a large amount of theatre leaflets and theatre programmes from all over the German-speaking area.