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Fehmarn Museum
Breite Straße 49
23769  Burg auf Fehmarn

E-Mail: info@fehmarn.de

Opening Hours

June-Oct. Mon-Sat 11 am – 5 pm

The Peter-Wiepert-Museum on the Isle of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea was founded as early as 1897. It was established in two rooms of the old town school by Sanitätsrat (Physician of Merit) and teacher Dr. Johann Voß. From 1940 on, when the former organist’s house was included, the exhibition was extended onto more than 20 rooms by Peter Wiepert, who was the director of the museum around that time.Finally, in 1980 the local history museum was expanded to the adjacent former house of the priest’s widow, which was built in 1581. The exhibition in this house shows objects on the topics of the geology of the Isle of Fehmarn, local history, local cultural history, crafts, guilds, seafaring, hunting and folklore.