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Konrad-Struve-Haus der Ortsgeschichte, Außenstelle Industriemuseum
Bismarckstraße 1
25335  Elmshorn

E-Mail: industriemuseum@elmshorn.de

Opening Hours

Sun 11 am – 12 pm, Wed 2-5 pm, closed throughout school holidays

Geological finds of the “Liether Kalkgrube” (Lieth lime pit) nearby as well as objects from the pre- and early history are presented. They belong to the collections of the Industriemuseum Elmshorn. The building is also used by two local history associations:
- Elmshorner Heimatverein "Tru un fast", chairman Jürgen Kröger (local history association)
- Vereinigung für Familienkunde, chairman Karl-Heinz Kuhlemann (genealogy association)
For information on the exhibition and the local history collection please contact the Industriemuseum Elmshorn