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Frisian Parlour
25863  Hallig Langeneß

Fax: 04684/215
E-Mail: info@friesenhaus-honkenswarf.de

Opening Hours

Daily 10 am – 7 pm, groups by appointment

The Johannsen family has owned the house for centuries. It shows the old furnishings of a Hallig house. [There are several small islands in the North Sea off the Schleswig-Holstein coast that are called ‘Hallig’.] It is one of the few family-run museums in Schleswig-Holstein. A typical Frisian living room with wall tiles (blue flower ornament, around 1780) and an alcove bed is shown.The furnishings of the Hallig house mostly originate from seafaring times. The ancestors of the current owners acquired everything in the 17th and 18th century: furniture, family utensils, costumes and jewellery, china, glassware, ship paintings, books, manuscripts and family records.
There is a regular ferry transport to the Hallig from Schlüttsiel.