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Stormarn Village Museum
Sprenger Weg 1
22955  Hoisdorf

E-Mail: info@museum-hoisdorf.de

Opening Hours

Tue 9 am-12pm, Sat 2-5 pm and by appointment

The museum is located in the historical farmhouse "Am Thie" since 1978. The Huguenot Duvier erected it as a village forge in 1750. With its extensive interior furnishing it offers manifold insights into rural life as it was before the coming of industrial times in Stormarn.The collections of traditional tools from farming, household and trade make up the centre of the presentation.
A rural spice and medicinal herb garden, chemist’s and veterinary’s tools and apiculture with a living bee colony, which can be watched in a show case, complete this section.
In the museum the visitor also finds the Hermann Claudius study and an archaeological study collection. In an adjacent building there is a bakery ready for use.