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North Friesland Museum Nissen House in Husum
Herzog-Adolf-Straße 25
25813  Husum

Fax: 04841/63280
E-Mail: kasse@museumsverbund-nordfriesland.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun 11am-5pm, groups by appointment

The “Nissenhaus” is the central museum for the district of Nordfriesland and the town of Husum. It coherently presents the natural characteristics of the coast and the culture of its inhabitants.
The donator Ludwig Nissen (1855-1924), who made his fortune in the USA, gave a museum, a library and an arts collection to his home town. His “Volkshaus” (people’s house) was opened in 1937 as a place of learning. It was enlarged in 1986.
Natural forces mould the history and the shape of Nordfriesland. Finds from the mud-flat, large models of embankments and the tides, historical maps, graphics, large photographs and original records document the change in landscape, which is caused by the sea.
The cultural section of the house is constituted by Frisian painters of the 19th and 20th century with their paintings of landscape and inhabitants. Works of art by Christian Rohlfs, Paula Modersohn-Becker or Egon Schiele as well as the donator Nissen’s collection of American art point out beyond the region.
The folklore collections and the town historical section with furniture, household items, costumes, objects of trade and commerce as well as a natural historical section give impressions of life in the region. Special exhibitions on the fields of art and cultural history or crafts are shown regularly in a modern annexe.