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Elektromuseum Rendsburg
Stormstraße 1
24768  Rendsburg

E-Mail: elektromuseum@sh-netz.com

Opening Hours

Tue 10 am – 12 am, 2 pm - 4 pm and by appointment

The 'Elektro-Museum Rendsburg der Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG' (Schleswig-Holstein Netz joint-stock company museum on electricity) conveys an overview on the history of electrification. In addition to technical changes, the scientific-technical processes and results the museum also shows the social effects. Different furnished rooms like a living room, a music room, a child’s room, a laundry and a study, which are fitted with numerous lovingly restored exhibits from the times of Art Noveau, illustrate the technical level of that time.In the extensive presentation on the electrification of house and home visitors can find some rarities like the darning mushroom that is illuminated from the inside and that Konrad Adenauer had patented or the 'Orchestrion' from 1908, which replaces a complete orchestra.