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Frisian Museum
Rebbelstieg 34
25938  Wyk/Föhr

Fax: 04681/748420
E-Mail: info@friesen-museum.de

Opening Hours

March-Oct. Tue-Sun 10 am – 5 pm
July-Aug daily 10 am – 5 pm
Nov.-Feb. Tue-Sun 2-5 pm

Visitors enter the grounds of the „Friesen-Museum“ (Frisian Museum) through a gate of mighty whale jawbones. The museum building was erected in 1908. Inside visitors can gain information on different fields of the island history. The section on natural history explains the geology, fauna and flora of the island and the mud-flat.
Archaeological finds illustrate the settlement of the island from the Stone Age to the Viking Age. The section on cultural history shows the former way of living and working on the island, local traditions, arts and crafts, traditional art as well as extensive material on seafaring, emigration and on the history of the seaside resort in Wyk, which was one of the first on the North Sea coast. On the open-air grounds of the museum there is the Olesen House from 1617, which is built in the so-called “uthlandfriesische” way. It still has the original floor plan and the original interior decoration. New on the museum grounds is a re-erected historical barn from the island in which farming tools are exhibited.
Also new is a rose garden with old varieties of roses, guided tours are offered while the roses are in bloom.