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Husum Castle
25813  Husum

Fax: 04841/63280
E-Mail: kasse@museumsverbund-nordfriesland.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun 11am-5pm, groups by appointment

Duke Adolf Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf built the "Schloß vor Husum" (Husum castle) as an additional residence from 1577 to 1582. His successors extended it from 1610 onwards. In the following decades the castle served as a widows’ residence. After the death of the duchess Maria Elisabeth in 1684 the building fell into decay. Only in 1750 the castle, which had been erected in the style of the Dutch renaissance, was made smaller and altered in baroque style. The last extensive restorations began in 1973. The rooms used for the museum have interior furnishings like, for instance, decorative fireplaces from the 17th century. The rooms of the castle are also used for art and cultural historical exhibitions as well as concerts.