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Computer Museum
Eichenbergskamp 8
24149  Kiel

E-Mail: service@computermuseum-kiel.de

Opening Hours

Sat+Sun 2 to 6 pm,
For groups by appointment

Embark on a journey through time. The technical wonders of the computer pioneers were complex worlds of relays, tubes, transistors or microchips - unusual, mysterious. They are testimonies to ingenuity and the art of engineering. The first large-scale computer systems were only accessible to a few experts, hidden away like treasure troves. Learn about the lives of these people, their dreams, worries and triumphs. The museum's exhibits, some of which are listed, represent the development of information technology from its beginnings to the year 2000. On 800 m² of exhibition space, you will wander through mechanical computing technology, past the first digital computing systems of a Konrad Zuse and their successors to the world of home and small computers. Miniaturisation and the explosion of performance are essential features of a development that changed our lives like few others. A 21st century scenography leads you through the ambience of a listed bunker: authentic - medial - fascinating.