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Büromaschinen-Museum Barsbüttel
Am Eichenhain 7
22885  Barsbüttel

Fax: 040/710-2828

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By appointment

With more than 2.500 exhibits an almost complete overview of the development of writing, adding, entering and billing machines from the beginning to modern electronic data processing is given.
The way to electronic data processing is demonstrated by epoch-making systems, for instance a calculating tube chassis from Zuse Z 22 and a core memory block from the first mass-produced fully transistorized computer Siemens 2002. The chip technology from the beginning to the 256-M-bit-chip is shown in single production levels.
Among the exceptional exhibits are: A pointer machine with 1400 Japanese characters, a billing machine from 1912, an entering machine with a line dial similar to a telephone dial, a typewriter and a shorthand machine for blind people, the world’s first electronic desk-top calculator, a lap-top of the first generation NEMA, a Swiss enhancement of the legendary ENIGMA cipher machine and a travel typewriter with an integrated radio.